About Way of Wander and Its Author

Aaron Ramirez Hi, I’m Aaron. I’ve been traveling the world since October 2012. And in my experience, I’ve found travel to be the great intensifier of life. I’m healthier. Braver. Went from a natural introvert to an occasional social butterfly. So it was well worth it to me, to quit my job at height of my career as a software developer, and subsequently leaving the Silicon Valley startup world that I was quite comfortable with.

There is in fact a wealth of so much more that I’ve gained from travel and just staying curious enough to keep wandering. And that’s why I created Way of Wander (WoW). A large part of what I write is about self-growth through my perspective from travel, with some occasional dorky humor and a bit of my photography thrown in.

So wander with me, why don’t you?


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